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One of the greatest advantages of the service company “XMX” is the many years of experience of renovation and construction orders. The company’s area of activity is Westminster and the rest of London. The “XMX” has gained great popularity both among individual clients and among institutions and companies. This is not surprising, because this company emphasises the honest and professional realisation of even the smallest orders. All tasks are carried out taking into account the strict requirements of customers and the principles described in international standards. “XMX” offers professional repairs, construction services and professional advice at every stage of the construction or modernisation investment. Our company is able to effectively achieve various, even very complicated projects, thanks to modern technical facilities, high qualifications of the staff and the best building materials from reliable suppliers.

Professional construction and renovation services offered by the company “XMXLondon” in the Westminster district

The company’s comprehensive offer includes the professional fulfilment of many different orders related to the renovation and construction of houses as well as public and commercial buildings. One of the most important services offered by the company “XMX” is the construction of houses from scratch and putting them ready to move in. In addition, we offer effective renovations, roofing works, professional interior finishes and effective construction or modernisation services. We deal with houses, flats and other types of buildings. Our staff works under the supervision of the best, experienced and qualified managers. Thanks to this, everyone can be sure that work orders are carried out with attention to all details. Before we start the works, we appraise the service and materials and provide the client with a schedule so that it is possible to check that everything has been done correctly.

We offer houses in a shell state, but we are also able to create a turnkey home for all clients from Westminster and other London boroughs. Thanks to such realisations, the customer can immediately live in the building after the works are completed and no additional finishes or other special works are needed. It is worth remembering that the employees of the company “XMXLondon” act very accurately and quickly in the case of more difficult orders. The staff of this company not only builds houses but also offers their modernisation and renovation. Construction and renovation services also apply to utility, industrial, production, public facilities, etc. In each case, we place great emphasis on high accuracy and the highest quality of services.


A wide range of construction and renovation services

An undoubted advantage of the company “XMX” is a wide range of services for clients from Westminster and the rest of the London area. This means that each customer is provided with access to various types of services tailored to specific needs and technical capabilities. The offer of the presented company includes the following services:

  • professional construction of houses from scratch,
  • plastering,
  • sewage, water, electrical, alarm installations, etc.,
  • professional interior finishing services,
  • construction, renovation and maintenance of roofs,
  • creating durable facades and efficient insulation,
  • effective implementation of energy-efficient house designs, etc.,
  • other construction and renovation services.

Professional construction of houses from scratch

building contractor1The employees of “XMX” very well know how to effectively do construction investments within the scope of houses. Extensive experience and high qualifications allow building the construction of houses from scratch. Thanks to the professional offer of finishing services, customers can order building turnkey houses, i.e. those that are ready to move in after completion of works and do not require any additional finishing. A very important advantage of this service provider is modern equipment, which makes that all construction orders in Westminster and all over London are carried out in a professional manner.

Professional execution of orders in the field of plastering

The “XMX” also offers many services other than construction. An example is the professional plastering of various surfaces. The experienced and qualified staff of this company uses modern tools and products, thanks to which it is possible to create various types of traditional and machine concrete floor. Customers can order cement-lime, thin-layer and gypsum plasters. Thanks to this company, every customer can be sure that the plasters will be made in an aesthetic and, above all, very solid manner.

Westminster London Professional Finishing Services

interior“XMX” is a business that specialises in professional services in the field of modernisation and interior finishing of various types. Customers from Westminster and other London areas can use this and other services. Our employees offer finishing services, such as plastering, bricklaying, painting, wallpapering, flooring and parquet, as well as glazing and scraping. The staff of the “XMX London” company places great emphasis on high professionalism and an honest approach to all orders.

Professional construction, repair and maintenance of roofs

The “XMX London” also offers professional roofing services. Modern equipment allows for professional roof repairs even in the event of severe damage. The offer also includes creating roof coverings based on ceramic and cement tiles. It is also worth adding that the employees of the “XMX” company use roofing felt, corrugated sheets, roof tiles and bituminous shingles. We create roofs in residential buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities and other buildings, regardless of their purpose. We are able to meet the stringent requirements of customers and international standards.

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Other services offered by the company “XMXLondon”

An important asset of the “XMX Ltd” is the extensive service offer. We not only provide professional construction and renovation but also create facades and insulate buildings, thanks to which their owners use less fuel in the winter. We offer services in the field of adaptation of rooms and outbuildings as well as single-family houses. We also create superstructures, add various elements and perform many other modernisation services. Everything is of course in accordance with the requirements of customers and applicable building regulations.

Professional service for every customer

The “XMX London” cooperates with private individuals and companies, various institutions, organisations and local governments. Therefore, the offer includes construction, modernisation and renovation of offices, industrial halls, service, production and public facilities. We take seriously even the smallest tasks.