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What are Inframe Kitchens?
Whenever you think of remodelling your kitchen, you might have encountered the term “inframe kitchen”. When we place the kitchen doors inside a visible frame within a cabinet like we place a traditional piece of furniture, this type of design is known as inframe kitchens.

Do I need Inframe Kitchens?

It depends on the type of design you choose for your kitchen and the period you want this design to last. The development in high-pressure laminate technology pushed us to mass-produce kitchen units in the 1920s by reducing the use of frames and fixing the door directly into the frame, reducing the total cost of making the door significantly for the manufacturers. Moreover, with this technique, the kitchen started to look more modern with sleek-slab front units that we commonly see in today’s kitchens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inframe Kitchens

Like everything, Inframe kitchens also have pros and cons. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an inframe kitchen so that you decide better before choosing a specific design for you:


● When you fix a door on top of the cabinet front, it drops over time, giving your kitchen a messy look. In this design, the door sits within the frame. Hence it doesn’t drop.
● As it prevents the door from dropping over time. It makes it durable, and the design and furniture last for a longer period.
● It gives your kitchen a traditional shaker style or period look, which always looks classy and attractive.
● Not only it gives your cabinet a beautiful look, but it also provides strength to the cabinet.
● This type of design leaves you with a non-seamless kitchen, making it difficult for you to look for a more modern look.
● Inframe kitchen designs are more expensive than other frameless kitchen styles.

Having an inframe kitchen can be a good idea if you want to design your kitchen. It gives your kitchen a beautiful look along with durability and strength to the cabinet. If you want to know more about the manufacturing of inframe kitchen units, visit the how kitchen cabinets are made page.