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Way In Building & Civil Construction

In South Kensington and across London, “XMX Ltd” provides professional construction and refurbishment services. Our experienced and qualified personnel can take on a variety of projects. Our excellent customer service has enabled us to build a solid reputation in the market. This popularity has been growing, thanks to our staff’s expertise and reliable, fair work. They treat all work, no matter how small, with the same level of seriousness and attention to detail. Clients can expect their desires to be met.
“XMX” is a company that provides construction, renovation and expert consultation at every investment stage. Our modern equipment and staff’s high qualifications and materials from dependable suppliers ensure the highest efficiency for any task, including complicated ones. Moreover, services are conducted with consideration to international standards in terms of quality, durability, and safety.

The “XMX Ltd.” Company provides professional construction and refurbishment services.

The range of services that “XMX” provides is vast, including renovations and building projects. We have particular expertise in constructing houses from the ground up that are ready to move into upon completion. Customers in South Kensington and the rest of London can call us for any building and renovation work. This includes residential, office and even industrial spaces. Our managers and supervisors are highly qualified and certified to guarantee that every job is done with attention to detail. All customers are given an estimate and timeline before any work is begun.

Our company, XMX, offers not just house shells but complete turnkey houses ready for occupancy after construction is finished, with no extra work required. Our services cover a range of fields, all with precise work done quickly. In addition to building homes, our team is equipped to handle repairs and modernisations, as well as the construction of industrial, office, and other public facilities. No matter the kind of service, we always strive for the best quality and optimum customer satisfaction.

A broad selection of remodelling and building services is available.

The “XMX” offers a wide array of construction and renovation services for customers in South Kensington and other London boroughs. Each patron can select services tailored to their individual needs and preferences, both technical and otherwise.

  • Constructing residential buildings from the ground up,
  • Professional plastering,
  • Ensuring safe and functional sewage, water, alarm, electrical installations, etc.,
  • Finishing services,
  • Roofing,
  • Building facades and providing thermal insulation,
  • Constructing energy-efficient houses and other modern projects,
  • Carrying out professional tasks related to many other renovation and construction projects,

We are fulfilling other renovation and construction services.

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Crafting homes from the ground up by qualified personnel

The personnel working in “XMX Ltd” have the knowledge to complete construction tasks efficiently. Building houses is one of the key services that the firm provides. The workers’ expertise and qualifications, gathered across years of practice, result in a superior level of work. In addition to unfinished housing, the company also provides turnkey homes that are ready to be used right after the completion of construction works. Thanks to modern tools and equipment, tasks are done quickly and precisely.

Skilled application of plaster to walls and other surfaces

Our team not only takes on construction projects but also handles interior finishing and renovation tasks. Of utmost importance in the service package is plastering our skilled and knowledgeable staff handles that. The latest tools and materials permit us to craft diverse versions of traditional and machine concrete floors. We provide various plasters such as concrete, thin-layer and lime-cement-based. “XMX” offers fast and precise plastering to ensure lasting beauty and endurance.

South Kensington boasts high-quality exterior and interior finishes from professionals.

At “XMX London”, we provide a variety of modernisation and finishing services, and our personnel are experienced with plastering, bricklaying, painting, wallpapering, scraping, glazing and flooring. We ensure that every aspect of our finishing jobs is attended to with the utmost precision.

South Kensington provides quality roofing services

The package from “XMX” encompasses specialist services provided by certified roofers, utilising modern tools to deal with even extensive roof damage effectively. Moreover, they offer the fabrication of all-new roofing and coverings, such as ceramic and cement tiles, roof tiles, roofing felt, corrugated sheets, and bituminous shingles. Their roofing services apply to homes and production and industrial sites, office buildings, and other structures. Every job is done with utmost care and in compliance with customer specifications and international building standards.

Our enterprise offers additional services.

“XMX Ltd.” has the undeniable benefit of providing a broad selection of services. This encompasses construction and renovation jobs and making exteriors and insulation to prevent substantial heat dissipation. We are adept in adapting either agricultural buildings or single-family homes to customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, we can perform modernisation, extension, or superstructure adhering to even intricate projects.

Everyone can take advantage of specialist assistance.

We provide services to individuals, businesses, local governments, and other organisations. From building to renovating, we are equipped to handle offices, industrial, service, production, and public facilities. Our team takes every job seriously and professionally, no matter how big or small.
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