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Bespoke Kitchens

A home is made up of different sections, more often than not, the question arises, “Which part of the home requires more attention?” One may be tempted to say it is that which tends to gravitate more visitors. As true as this may seem, a closer look will reveal that the kitchen can be referred to as the most important aspect of the home requiring more attention.

If you invite a couple of guests to your home for dinner. More likely than not, food will come from the kitchen. This amidst other reasons makes the kitchen a very important aspect of the home. The kitchen can be remodelled! With the inclusion of an extension to accommodate more activities. This is well known to designers at “XMX Construction” so utmost care is taken into consideration when we are designing the kitchen.

We work in close consultation with clients to determine the best kitchen design that suits your needs, making sure that we implement modern designs making your kitchen your favourite room in the home. Some persons may not appreciate the benefits of planning every detail that has to do with the kitchen. Here are some points that will make you appreciate it.

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XMX London

Building and Maintenance

XMX London is a company representing the greatest British craftsmanship. We are built on hard work and long lasting good reputation. We offer great attention to detail and one of the best crew of builders in London. Each of them has a great set of skills and many years of experience. We trust them so you can trust us. We advise our clients what materials they should use and how work would look like at the end. We work with the best designers who have years of experience in cabinetry and bespoke furniture. They will bring your concept alive, creating a space you have been always dreaming about.

We use only labelled tools, cutting-edge technologies and good ideas to create bespoke kitchens in modern style, hi tech or timeless designs. We cover every style. Each concept is tailored to your needs and aspirations. We can assure elegant finish and sleek design. We use a wide range of colours as well as noble materials. You can ask for wood, stone, marble or stainless steel. Build your dream kitchen with us!

We would like to create a space that reflects your needs and personality. Everyone is different and we want to help you express your individuality. Only think about your future kitchen and ask XMX LONDON to do the rest for you. We will help you at every stage of the process – from the first sketch to the finishing touches. Our installation coordinator will oversee the whole process of the work. We know how important it is for the client to have the quality guarantee and supervision at every step. We believe that what makes us different is exceptional client’s satisfaction.

We want you to be extremely satisfied with your choice, so we help create a kitchen which is especially tailored for you and only you. Either it is a private investment or work place design, our highly motivated and experienced team will plan your project down to the smallest details: fronts, storage furniture, tables, kitchen hoods or induction cooktops. Just let us know what is important for you so we can capture your ideas and create something special. We listen to your requirements and we are prepared for your questions and doubts. We want to build a kitchen of your dreams so do not wait and tell us what you need.

XMX London

Why is it worth working with us?

The “XMX Design & Build” team is proud of themselves because of exceptionally great level of customer service. We care about people and their needs.

We create kitchen specifically for each client so no two are ever the same. Working with us is easy and pleasant. We collaborate with designers and professionals so we can overcome every little issue. We take care about every stage form consultation, through design, to finishing touches. During our first meeting you will feel comfortable and safe. We will spend time with you to get to know you and your needs better. We use modern technology and many different materials which can be confusing so let us guide you through this maze.