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If you are a Londoner and you are frantically looking for a bigger place to live then you would also know how difficult it can prove to have a spacious home in London. Big houses come with an exorbitant price tag that may not be feasible for many. So the best solution for a Londoner is to have a loft conversion. This is somewhat the best and most affordable solutions you can have if you not really willing to shift home or spend a fortune on buying a big house. Today’s architectural advancement has led to various ways in which you can utilize space more appropriately and conveniently. Conversions of the loft have proved to be a great way of utilizing unutilized space and making more space for your home.

So, if you are living in London get in touch with the best in the business to have your loft revamped and redesigned in such a way that you never thought of. Converting a loft into a useful space can be quite a work of creativity. So if you have a little interest in architecture then it would be a good experience for you as well. The loft conversions can vary greatly from one house to another. However, categorically they can fall into four different types. Among these four types of loft conversions your house design, budget and plan will speak about which type would be the best possible solution for your home.

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These four types include:

Dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular conversions built in London. It owes its success to the fact, that it can provide extra space to a property. It happens without necessity to expand property space outside. Of course, as always, everything depends on the type and the size of your house. Usually we can achieve up to 50 cubic meters of additional space. The only trouble with doing loft conversion is mainly having a scaffolding outside your home for some time, which can be very convenient. As that happens most of Dormers Conversions can be completed through the roof using the scaffolding without accessing the property. It minimises the noise, dust any potential damage to the hallway and most importantly, it provides the opportunity for the owner to still occupy the property while the work is been carried out until the new staircase is installed and new Loft ready to live in.

Mansard loft conversions London require the most work to the property due to the large scale of work needed. This leads us to the fact that this type of work usually needs planning permissions as we change the structure so much.
The mansard has a flat roof with the back sloping inwards at 72 degrees, and to the council, 72 degrees are a roof, not a wall.
The windows built into a loft conversion are constructed as small dormers and the parapet walls on either side of conversions are matched to existing brickwork.

We provide Velux loft conversions which are the simplest of all loft conversions. They do not require any change in the external structure as most of the work is done inside. This means that you do not need planning permission. Velux loft conversion is also known as Roof light loft conversion or Skylight. You should consider this type of conversion if you would like to add natural light and change your roof into a bright open space with great ventilation.
We install many electrical Velux Windows that provide additional comfort and many of electrical Velux windows have already built-in rain sensors. If it’s going to rain your Velux window will shut automatically, without any damage to your property.

We know that loft conversions require budgeting and proper planning, so we provide a help and customer service whenever you need an assistance. You can change a hip roof into a gable roof. Of course you can also transform a roof to a whole new room. Whatever your plan is, contact us and we will discuss it with you.

XMX London has many years of experience building great roof constructions across London. We bring our passion and skills to ensure that your work is completed to the highest standards. Our main focus is to make all aspects of conversion process as smooth as possible and ensure, that everything from start to finish is done with your big satisfaction.

The whole job is handled by our team of professionals which include structural design, planning and building regulations and also construction and project management. We provide competitive prices, so you can be sure that whatever your budget is, we will find an economic and satisfying solution.

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From Concept to Completion

XMX London specialises in tailor-made conversions that are designed especially for your needs. You can turn your empty attic into a new living space for you and your family.

From concept to completion, we are more than happy to work closely with the client, know his personal preferences and give him the best professional service. We aim to remove all the hassle and stress from you.

You can count on us when it comes to overseeing of the whole building process. We can take care of architectural drawings, planning permission, structural and construction calculations as well as the rest of important matters. We would like to meet you and discuss your project, whether you want to create a contemporary space, bedroom with en-suite bathroom or something completely different. Why don’t you contact us today and start expanding your property.

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