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Perspicacity of the listed building

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Perspicacity of the listed building

We have very experienced hands at, “XMX London”, who is well in Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings as well as following the rules and regulations of Listed Building Consent. Lime is the agent used as a binder in almost all traditional renders, plasters and mortars. It is extremely important in the successful maintenance and repair of ancient structures and also natural masonry. Asides from the external walls of a building, the walls on the inside might be a mixture of load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls similar to dividers.

The location and configuration of the internal walls of a house are directly linked to its plan-form. In circumstances where the houses have evolved and become enlarged, it is important that the walls are studied (the thickness and constructional materials) as it has the ability to provide useful evidence of the development and evolution of the walls. As expected, walls that are structural are very important and reveals the major ‘bones’ of a house plan. Furthermore, partitions of brickwork, timber framing (and infill), timber-boarding and lath & plaster are also regarded as vital interior elements.

If you’d like to work on historic structures, it is very important that you fully understand this work method. We carry out a thorough study of the rules and regulations of Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings and the Listed Building Consent and guarantee that we meet all the standards required.

In addition, we do our best in any way possible to ensure we keep improving in line with the Listed Building Consent. How we handle the installation of new windows (whether uPVC or stained finished windows in particular) is very apt in Removal of internal doors, Listed Buildings, Alterations to staircases, Re-pointing of brickwork, Installation of roof windows, Internal alterations (for instance new openings/removal of walling) and External re-painted in a different colour.

The above-mentioned are a few examples of works that were not permitted which has necessitated the reinstatement of Listed Building Consent. We specialize in performing renovations with the purpose of restoring the original internal features. We also carry out minor renovations such as painting and repairs in addition to other major renovations.

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