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Cellar / Basement Conversion

Many of us have houses that come with basements of many sizes and most of the time simply serve the purpose of being a storage room for stuff from years ago, clutter, or pretty much anything else. Stuff that we simply want out of the way. The shame about basements is that so many are being used like this and not to their potential which in fact a living spaces. Many of us worry about the efforts, cost and time to convert a basement into a suitable living space. However, you would be surprised that reaching that goal is a lot easier to achieve and that you can have space there for friends, family or even an office space.

The best thing is that there is no reason for you to move if you have space problems. That issue can be tackled by converting your basement into a stunning space that is sleek and modern and something that you can cherish. First of all, it is far cheaper than the tiring efforts of moving house and the time it will take and secondly it will add extra money to the total value of your house. So not only do you get to skip the stresses of moving but gain value onto your property, something that is beneficial in the long run. Older houses may need a bit of careful prep and planning to see over a conversation and newer builds that do not have a basement will require time and more costs to create a basement but overall you will get the great results you desire!

So maybe you dream of converting your cellar into something fabulous that will make life more enjoyable such as a home gym, snooker room or games room. Or do you simply just want to have the extra room for the family to stay over, extra bathrooms for ease or even a kitchen for visitors? Well, this can be achieved very easily and without the gloominess or lack of air to breathe. We can tackle those issues and make these living spaces light, airy and pleasant to live in with a number of options including great lighting and air vents.

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Basement Conversions

Basement conversion is a process of making basement space habitable. Many houses have them but some of them are neglected and we want to change it. Basements are mostly associated with dark and humid places that are treated like storage rooms. We can easily convert them into a gym, kitchenette or even a living room. “XMX Design & Build” can help you with basic conversion and more complex one which involves excavation and expansion.

We have to start with the fact that the time needed to complete a basement conversion depends on what you want to achieve. Firstly we need to determine whether it is a simple single room with little pipework and other connexions. In this case conversion may take up to 12 weeks. Converting and extending the basement, including floor lowering, building a gym, game room or a swimming pool can take up to several months or even a year.

Basement conversion is a complicated and elaborate process that should be completed by professionals with certain knowledge and skills. When it comes to steel work, drainage systems or other specific areas you should let our team to take care of this. There are, however, some aspects which you can complete yourself, but it depends on the level of your skills and the nature of conversion itself. To keep costs a little bit down you can speak with our supervisor and he can advise about each element which you can do yourself.

Building Regulations is a document that is required when converting a basement into a habitable zone. This approval is needed to prove that your newly built space is safe and energy efficient. You need this document even if the change involves an existing basement.
Building Regulations cover such areas as ventilation, electrical wiring, escape routes or ceiling height. All the details about this certification and updated guidance can be found on Basement Information Centre website. There is an exceptional situation when Building Regulations are not needed – when the conversion is a repair or a renovation of an existing basement.

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Why Convert your Basement?

The main reason is space. It is extremely value nowadays. People living in urban, crowded areas are looking for the best ground management. If you are thinking about increasing your living area we can customise the design of your perfect basement just the way you like. Sometimes the decision about moving out because of lack of space is too fast. We can maximise the potential of your facility building a new basement underneath your garden. You should discover hidden possibilities of your property to make your life easier.

Remembering about building regulations we would like to show you a few main possibilities to gain a new area. First is including a basement as a part of a new development. Second is renovating an existing space to convert it to a basement. Third is doing excavating works under an existing house or garden. Whatever path you choose we would like to help you and take the fuss out of the whole process, making it as stress-free experience as possible.

At the end of the work you gain a beautiful new space, well-designed project and completely new living space. We create something big for our clients making strong, trusted relationship with them. We have many great projects done so far and we cannot wait to do one for you!

Basement Conversions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding conversion your cellar

Q. Which services are involved in basement conversion?

A. Basement conversion can simply be understood as a new space under your existing house. It involves services such as dig down, excavation, underpinning and waterproofing with modern water managing techniques such as specialised drainage, delta system membrane on all the walls and floor with multiple pumps with backup battery, so the water removal through pumps and sumps will never get inside.

We at XMX London understand that every house is different and may require a different approach. Please get in touch with our basement conversion team to discuss your enquiry, create the concept design and plan your project.

Q. What benefits can I possibly get if I convert my basement?

A. You can reap multiple benefits by converting or waterproofing your basement. Firstly, it adds to the extra space in your home and may become a perfect place for your evenings with so many options available. Our specialised team can handle any type of project and design an optimal space for game rooms, extra sitting rooms, home cinemas, swimming pools and jacuzzies, gyms and wine cellars. Also, you might be interested with separating your existing property and creating a new basement apartment with a staircase and front door using the latest soundproofing to completely separate from the existing house with natural lighting/lightwell. This can be a perfect place for your family member, to rent or to sale. It can give you an extra space that can be utilised as per your own liking. It should be kept in mind that older buildings or houses require more maintenance work for their basements. If you are moving out, having a waterproof basement can add significant extra space and value to your property.

Q. What essential information should I keep in mind before converting my basement?

A. You should know that basement conversion is a rather complicated job and should only be done by professionals or specialists. We have seen and catered to cases where poor workmanship led to severely compromised basement conversions. Therefore, we recommend that it should be considered as long-term property care and investment plan. You should do your research and opt for high-standard services in order to avoid issues of bad odour, cellar dampness, or re-flooding, etc.

Q. What are the waterproofing credentials of XMX London?

A. We strive to ensure that the surfaces below the external ground level are kept dry at all times. For the existing basements waterproofing, our team can talk you through all available options such as;

  • External and internal application
  • Delta System—Pump and Sump water removal
  • Izonil or Sika waterproofing/ Cement tanking
  • Cavity wall membrane

For all new basement conversions, we are using Delta system for all the walls and floor with multiple pumps with built-in backup batteries. The specialists at XMX London are equipped with the necessary expertise to perform structural waterproofing as per your requirements. Additionally, our technicians and surveyors ensure that the fitting and application of the system are adequate enough to provide you with a dry basement, 30 years waterproofed warranty and the additional 3rd party insurance that covers all our works.

Q. What are the key differences between Traditional Basement Waterproofing and the modern one of today?

Every waterproofing project differs from the other in terms of the general conditions and outcomes. For instance, if you want to use your basement as a living area, you would require a full waterproofing system to ensure that the place meets your living requirements.

In this regard, it is imperative to note that the modern system of basement waterproofing is significantly different from the traditional one. Traditional systems relied on a waterproofing barrier to make your basement impenetrable. On the other hand, modern systems employ different setups such as a drainage system (type C), floor waterproofing membranes, and cavity air gap. This works as a two-way system by firstly managing water entry into the basement and then redirecting it to the sump and pump or a pre-existing drain.

Sump and Pump System

It is a specific system designed to remove water that is left behind the cavity drain membrane from the basement. It removes the existing water out of the system, ensuring that the basement remains dry. The placement of the sump is made into the basement floor; thus, water entering the basement from behind the membranes is eventually drained through the sump.

Q. How can XMX London assist me in converting my basement?

A. We at XMX London can not only assist you but walk you through the whole process. Our service promises the delivery of quality and value from the start till the termination of the project. We are the leading provider of basement conversion and waterproofing in London and offer a flat 10-year structural warranty and 30-year on our waterproofing systems.

Our team of experts, technicians, and surveyors covers all areas of Central London, South, North and West. Before the commencement of the project, our certified surveyors would pay a visit to your property to perform the following checks;

  • Initial assessment of your basement and discussion on your property’s needs
  • Assessing various waterproofing options to figure out which one goes along with your preferences
  • Specifying the most suitable option for your basement
  • Interior design concept

Q. How can I refurbish my basement?

A. Refurbishing your basement can add significant value to your property and home. Converting empty unused space to the most existing place of the house. Installing a new home cinema, new bachelor pad, new swimming pool with jacuzzi, new gym, new steam and regular sauna, new wine cellar, new game room, the possibilities are endless, so contact us today so we can help you design your ideal space.

Q. Can I do the basement myself?

A. Not really, because you will need to know what to do and how. It involves services such as digging down, excavation, underpinning and waterproofing. It is imperative to know what needs to be done to the basement to avoid the vulnerability of leaks, flooding, odour, wet or dry rot. The structure of basements lies below the groundwater table, making them susceptible to increased water pressure. This water, in turn, can flood your basement and home even if a small crack is present in your foundations.

In such cases, your refurbishment and all decoration might be at risk. Henceforth, it is critical to hire an experienced professional to ensure that your basement area remains dry throughout the years and it’s structurally safe and completed with the latest building regulations and CDM 2015.

Q. Could you explain the waterproofing of the basement and how difficult it is?

A. Waterproofing the basement can be an extremely challenging job even for specialists and professionals. Thus, it is critical to hire a firm with extensive experience and understanding.

If you have any additional questions about basement waterproofing after reading this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our staff can come to your home as soon as possible to assist you in getting your basement waterproofing done before any further damage occurs.

Q. What was your most difficult basement project?

A. We have a history of tackling challenging situations, for example a multiple story building with occupied residence during the work where we excavated and underpinned the existing ground floor by creating an additional floor below. We had to place temporary structural supports for each stage of the work. This temporary structural work was consistently changed by our structural engineer, to make sure that all the apartments above were safe to use without any risk. We also overcame challenges with a basement conversion that was very close to the river and we had to use special commercial pumps for the whole duration of the excavation, underpinning until the basement was fully waterproofed with the delta system and 4 pumps with a built-in backup battery. Usually, depending on the size of the basement, two pumps are enough, but on this particle project the water tension was so strong, we had to use 4 delta pumps with the additional manhole the size of the lift. It was a learning experience and we’ve faced the difficulties head on to overcame them as a company.