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Do you provide a no-obligation quote?

A: Certainly. We would be delighted to visit your property at a time suitable for you and provide an estimate for the needed work. If you do not own the property and want us to provide an estimate for work on a property you are considering acquiring, this will be charged at a set rate.

I am interested in extending my property and want guidance on approaching the council; as part of your service, are you able to assist us?

A: Yes. We can assist you with approaching your local authorities. We have a wide range of services: Design and build, working with Architects, Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors, Private Building Control, Interior Designers and much more.

Are you capable of sourcing the necessary supplies and project managing our required work?

A: Yes. The great majority of our assignments require us to source all supplies, manage all staff, and ensure the task is finished to the highest level. This is a part of our service. Our experience has shown that clients who attempt to manage several tradespeople and get supplies on their own frequently end up with little savings and higher total expenses. Contracting a business to execute your job from start to finish will provide a significantly better experience. We have many trade accounts and can provide you with significant savings. We keep an update on deals and offers that comes very often.

Would I have access to past building projects of comparable scale and scope?

A: Yes. This is what we do with the majority of prospective clients. We develop good ties with our customers throughout a project’s completion. They are frequently overjoyed to demonstrate the projects/work that we have accomplished for them. Please contact us to discuss further.

What’s your availability?

A: This is determined by your specifications and the project itself. It is recommended that you contact us for an accurate response.

Are you registered with Gas Safe and NIC?

A: Yes. All the gas work is undertaken by Gas Safe registered engineers. All the electrical work is completed by NIC registered electricians and at the end of each project we provide a Gas Safe Certificate, NIC Test Certificate and Building Control Completion Certificate.

Who oversees the projects?

A: Each project has an individual project manager and site manager. The role of the project manager is to meet you at least once a week / once every two weeks to discuss the progress of the project, managing the programme for the work, complete valuations and make sure the weeks ahead are well planned.

Also, each project has a site manager who is there for the full duration of the project Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. He is available 24/7 to discuss and assist with daily plan and any questions you might have.

How are payments processed and handled?

A: A comprehensive contract will be created that details the milestones specific to your project/works and the times when interim payments will be requested. The project manager will come over once a week or once every 2 weeks to go through the valuations with you and confirm the progress of the work that will follow the payment plan.

Could you walk us through the process of designing larger works?

A: Yes. We may have our architects design your ideas, and Charles, with his decades of expertise, can provide advice and suggestions to help you stay within your budget.

We are considering acquiring a home and want an estimate for the work we wish to have done. Is this a complimentary service?

A: No. If you put the deposit and you are in the middle of exchanging the contracts, we would gladly provide you with a free estimate. Otherwise, there is a set rate of a one-off charge, as you can undoubtedly imagine, estimating several properties that are not owned is a time-consuming process. Once we become the successful contractor for your project this payment will be deducted from the total cost of the project.

How long do quotes remain valid?

A: Typically, this is six months, however the prices of building materials vary. Please get in touch with us if you want a longer price guarantee.

Do you work with private building control and can you recommend a company you work with?

A: Yes, we work with several building control companies, the main one is Assent Building Control. They are very sufficient, they provide competitive prices, they provide full inspections of small, medium and very large projects. They will check each part of the project: excavations, foundations, steels, fire protections, soundproofing, etc. They will certify the work and by the end the project they send their certificate to your local council, a few weeks later you will receive a final completion certificate from your local authorities directly by post.

Do you provide a warranty?

A: Yes. Our company by the end of each project provides a 24-month warranty and 10 years of structural warranty for all the structural works.

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