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Preconstruction & Planning

Whether it is a new build project, simple internal alteration to your existing property, a rear extension, loft conversion, new basement, retaining walls, structural surveys we use our aesthetic considerations of structures & design to provide you with a complete package for all types of construction projects.

Our variety of experts, Architects and Structural Engineers are ready at hand to provide pragmatic structural solutions, restoration solutions, accurate calculations and accomplish high quality structural and interior design drawings for all residential & commercial buildings.
Our aim is to help you get the most out of your property as well as helping you get all the necessary approvals from your local authority concerning Building control, Building Regulations Approval and Planning Applications. We have experience with 1 & 2 Grade Listed Buildings.

From Architectural Designs, Structural involvements and Interior Designers, we handle the process of overseeing the completion of full working construction drawings schemes that are made to compliment your taste and your property.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation during which we will make an assessment of the property and discuss all your requirements.

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XMX London

Interior Design Projects Include:

To provide the best project possible we combine design and functionality. Bringing practical and pleasant surroundings is our job. We will help you make some changes to already existing parts of your building or we will create something new and special designed only for you. Even if you need a complicated project from scratch, our team of professionals is here to guide you and deliver the best solution.

As the whole work can be confusing, we are happy to guide you through concept, planning, design and execution processes.

We create every project with efficiency and functionality. Our work is backed by a strong knowledge of structural engineering and many years of hard work. We like challenges, so we put every effort so the project can be the best. We try to build something effective using solid but also cost-effective solutions. We have the knowledge and capability to use different tools and work in a variety of materials like steel, reinforced concrete or composite of many different ones. We will execute even the most complex design to meet client’s needs.

Our company can help you with plan any construction or land development prior to the purchase of the property. We would like to assist you even with the most difficult decisions so you can be sure and happy with your plan. We can provide any valuation and planning advice according to the law and policies.

XMX London

Why should you work with us?

We have a team of friendly and open-minded workers who love to get to know you and your needs. We would like to co-create places that are beautiful and answer all your preferences.
We take care of every project from the smallest development to the big and bold construction projects.
We offer service that will make every project special, well designed and complete. We promise that our great architectural and structural engineering will fulfil your dream design.
We want to offer eco-friendly solutions which are an answer to people’s needs and requirements and will fit into 21st century.
XMX LONDON offers private residential projects, basements, lofts and house extensions at all scales. We create modern and sustainable developments that bring joy.