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Design Ideas for Small Kitchen- How to Enhance Space and Storage?
Not everyone can afford to have a large and open kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you live in a cottage, a compact apartment, or an awkward galley-style space. Several small kitchen design ideas will be helpful for you to have a stylish and practical kitchen area in your house. Following are some practical storage and space-enhancing tricks that will come in handy to have more working space in the kitchen:

● Kitchen Islands- The Baker Table

Kitchen islands


Kitchen islands are often designed according to the size of the room. If you have a smaller kitchen, it is impossible to have a multifunctional island in its middle. However, if you have designed a baker table, it can prove to be a perfect alternative. It will provide you with extra space for you to work and you can also sit with your friends and family without making it look crowded.

● Pull-out Ladder and a Slim Pantry

Pull-out Ladder Kitchen

If you have a compact kitchen, a pull-out ladder and a slim pantry are two of the many ways to enhance the space and storage of your small kitchen. In a small kitchen, from rood to the depth of the cabinet, every inch matters. With the bespoke nature of our designs, you can have deep cabinets, pull-out drawers, or a cage structure for a multilayered storage system that will be discrete yet effective. Avoid installing wall cabinets in a small kitchen. Having wall cabinets will make your kitchen look overcrowded and won’t leave you with much space. According to the Tom Howley designer Sophie Hartey, if you have installed a cabinet at one side of the wall and left the other side empty, it will create an illusion of space.

● Space-Saving Drawers

open drawer in modern kitchenTo have maximum space for storage in a small kitchen, drawers can play a vital part in the storage. You can customize these drawers as per your requirements. After installing these, you can easily access utensils without opening the cupboards again and again. You can install deep drawers for storing pans and pots, and then there are clever put-pull drawers that reveal two drawers in one. For storing electronics and other technical equipment, there are drawers with charging spots. Moreover, in bespoke drawers, you can have kife blocks, typically covering all your needs to store all types of utensils. All of our drawers are made from solid wood, handcrafted with dovetail joints.

● Intelligent Internal Storage

With the bespoke internal design, you can keep enhance storage for your kitchen and keep it clutter-free. If you have enough space, you can do multiple tasks without messing things up or getting intercepted by the items placed around you. Intelligent pull-out cornet units installed near the cooking and prep area can give you some valuable space. Installing integrating modular bins can also make your kitchen look streamlined and organized.

● Compact Appliances

When looking to design your smaller kitchen, you also need to consider the size of appliances you will install. You don’ necessarily have to install significant devices, as several compact machines are available that are just as effective as the big ones. According to the design director Tom Howley, installing build-under draw fridges and dishwashers is a good idea. Moreover, having ovens that have doors that can slip under the oven itself can save space too. Wine connoisseurs build under wine temperature regulators can look sleek too and save a lot of space.
You can also integrate hob with the vented extractions to achieve more space in a small kitchen. A space-enhancing mirror splashback will also come in handy to have more space. Consider installing an all-in-one Quooker tap cleaning for saving space for bulky appliances.

● Kitchen Nooks

The kitchens of every home need to be designed as per modern requirements. Every inch of the kitchen needs to serve its particular function, and it should be designed as per your lifestyle. You don’t need space for cooking, eating, and other entertainment purposes only, but you also need space for ventilation and cleaning purposes. If you have a smaller kitchen, you can cosy window nook or a built-in bench with storage space underneath it. You can also solve the problem of not having enough space to place a dining table by setting a small breakfast nook that has bespoke seats and a space-savvy bespoke round table.

● Kitchen Layout with Perfect Spacing

While designing your kitchen, you should take the walking space and working triangle into consideration. Place your hob, sink, and refrigerator at an equal distance from each other. If your working space is optimized, you can have everything of need at an arm’s length, which means not only you will have enough room for movement, but you also don’t have to move around much. If you have a galley kitchen, the best option is to place the sink opposite the cooker, allowing you to have more space. Don’t install too many cabinets in a U-shaped kitchen. If you do so, your kitchen will look more enclosed. You might feel that you are out of storage without the cupboards but having space to work is essential too. Moreover, use corners to your advantage by installing pull-over solutions and only install cabinets on one side of the wall and leave the opposite side empty.

● Lighting Ideas

To have a bright and open feel in your kitchen, utilize natural lighting to the maximum and use creative lighting solutions. Installing layer lighting will allow you to have adequate illumination throughout different times of the day. The ambient, task and accent are three main types of lighting. Install task lighting under cupboard LEDs, and perfectly installed pedants will give your kitchen a more attractive look. Installing dinner switches is also a good idea to have a more attractive mood while dining.

● Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets can not only look beautiful, but they will also spread lightings to that corners that are usually dark. These cabinets also make it easier for you to access utensils as you can see the things you want to pick and the space you have at your disposal for storing more items.
According to our designer Emily Rumble, you can open up your kitchen by installing a combination of close and open wall cabinets. You don’t have to worry about making the cupboard tidy; you can use reeded glass to blur the view of items placed inside.

● Mirrored Splashbacks

Installing mirrored splashbacks and antique mirrored tiles can add a touch of charm and beauty to your kitchen. If you have little natural light in your kitchen, these tiles can spread the lighting around the kitchen to create the vibe of having more space.

● Colour Schemes

According to our designer Suzie Francis, you don’t have to choose the white colour necessarily. Lighter colours are very effective in a smaller kitchen, especially when you have installed reflecting worktops which will reflect these colours to create more lighting. You can also use other neutral colours, which will last longer and give you the feel of having a spacious kitchen.
You can enhance the lighting of the kitchen by applying softer neutral colours. To have a lofty feel around the kitchen, use a single paint throughout the kitchen area and use the base for having an additional shade. If you want to highlight certain parts of the kitchen, you can use secondary colours. There is a beautiful and straightforward bespoke neutral colour available with us which you can choose to apply in your kitchen.

● Kitchen Surfaces

Using quartz such as Silestone or Caesarstone is more beneficial than using natural stones as they come in different colour schemes and are more durable. You can have a seamless look around your kitchen by installing man-made quartz with a more consistent appearance. Using quartz in a smaller kitchen is more effective as you can feel a more spacy environment.
You can visit our gallery to have more ideas on designing small kitchens. In our gallery, you will see fantastic small kitchen designs and more ideas on increasing the space and storage in your kitchen. You can also discuss your ideas with our experienced designer.