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Houses have always been the safe haven of any individual. It has protected him or her from any forces which nature cast upon the planet. The house has always been that one thing that separated man from beast; an actual home which you know will be able to protect you whatever happens. On the other hand, houses are not just places for protection. It is also a place where a man can feel comfortable; where they can be themselves and importantly, a place where they can invite their friends over. There are cases when a larger space is needed when planning on inviting friends. In such cases, you may need a company that is capable of extending certain parts of your house at an affordable yet very efficient price.

House Extensions Company London is able to do that for you.

House Extensions Company London is capable of doing the most basic of extensions, although, they can also be hired to provide additional support for the upper floors. The latter’s necessity depends on where the extension will be placed. If it is a floor above, then it surely will be necessary. That is why having a company capable of providing such a service is necessary.

If you really are planning to have extensions placed, it is important that you really plan ahead. You should know its purpose beforehand, and if you want, you may have designs ready for our team to review. We have competent architects capable of scanning through your plans. They will approve or deny plans depending on which they think are feasible.
On the other hand, the last say regarding the approval will be the planning department within your locality. They are the ones who will approve or disapprove plans which do not meet the standards. This already includes the safety of all the people who will be living in it. They may also take into consideration the safety of those who are around your house.

In this regard, negotiation may need to transpire in order to sort out any differences and possible changes that are needed to be done. In cases such as these, House Extensions London Company will negotiate on your behalf. Let them handle the hustle and bustle that comes along with it. If they cannot convince the members of the planning department, then they will immediately make the necessary changes. You will be well informed throughout the negotiation process so as not to leave the homeowner behind.

Truth be told, this may be a long and drawn-out process. It will take some time in convincing the member so the planning department regarding your plans, especially if the plans were refused during its first presentation. Changes are needed to be made, although, our architects might do the changes for you if you permit them to.

Once approved, our company will move on with the project.

Before anything starts, our architects will be explaining what necessary services are needed in order to make the extension possible. This will act as your informed consent. Whatever they need to do will be done, and informing you is the best option to get your permission. Of course, if you do not agree with the first option, our company will be finding an alternative route.

However, you can trust us that the suggestions we make are the best choice. These will be the procedures needed in order to create the best results from the extension services that our company will be doing upon your request. It is best, to be honest from the start. The services of the architects alone, including the negotiations made with the department and the changes that were possibly made would cost the homeowner roughly £750.

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XMX London

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XMX LONDON is a company that believes that a key to success is transparency. To make a strong working relationship we need to obtain great comprehensibility with the customer. That is why we give an opportunity to get to know a full schedule of works to every client. We think that if we break down the whole project to days and weeks, we gain a trust and confidence from the client. We want our relationship to be professional and organised. We have managers and supervisors at every project who will take care of clear communication between the office and the customer. We know that a construction project can be tiring and surprising, so we want it to be as clear as possible from our side.

The process of home and kitchen extensions can be long and layered, however having XMX LONDON as a contractor, it turns out to be pleasant and trouble-free. If you want to increase the size of your living room or a kitchen simply contact us and we will make your dream home come true. We believe that if you change a plan of your property you could live in a completely new place without having to move somewhere else. We can manage any home extension up to your needs from start to finish. We have a big team of experienced designers, architects and builders who will take into consideration all your preferences and give you a perfect new space.

The team here at XMX LONDON can manage any home extension project you need. We bring our passion and discipline together. We are able to deliver functional, beautifully designed and luxurious extension just the way you like. The most important for us is your satisfaction. Our architects and designers will discuss with you every aspect of the construction, so together we can make the home of your dreams. We have really good ideas for extending a dining room or kitchen orangery – give us a chance and let us share with you abundance of breath-taking designs.

Over the years, our company has grown and gained a lot of experience. We see how good our projects are and we can assure the best quality on the market. We have a great expertise in residential buildings, alterations, refurbishments and many more. We also believe that everyone should have a chance to hire professional builders, so we offer competitive prices and good customer service.
We know that every project is different. That is why we hire the best designer and workers in London. With the extensive experience of our team we will complete every custom project with the high attention to detail and the outstanding level of service. Each project has a bespoke work programme, payment plan, detailed schedule of the work and time lines of the completion.

XMX London

What is a cost of a house extension?

“XMX Extensions LONDON” is a company that takes into consideration every aspect of the work and treats their customers seriously. With many years of experience we know almost every product and material on the construction market.

Throughout those years we created a true relationships with our suppliers, which means that we are able to secure favourable rates and products for the customers who would like to build their dream homes. The cost of your extension will depend on your property, tastes and scale of the undertaking. We promise that your payment plan will be given to you at the beginning of our cooperation. You will have a clear view on the costs so we can discuss it anytime to look for some value adds or cost savings. We always care about your budget so you do not have to worry.

Simply contact us today and ask anything you want. If you are decided to go with the project, one of our team member can come to you and discuss our future work together.